Royal Spa: The #1 Float Tank Manufacturer

Royal Spa manufactures float tanks and pods for use at home and in commercial settings.

Our spas are 100% made in the US with the manufacturing facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Let us be your trusted float tank manufacturer.

The Royal Spa Story

We started Royal Spa 37 years ago, and we had the same concerns that anyone would have about overhead, and about costs of operating, and about how many people would be interested in our products, and whether or not we’d be successful. These are the kind of things that every businessman worries about. We want to help you with that stress when it comes to getting into the float business. This is what people look for. They want the quality of the product, sure. They want to make money, sure they do. But keeping as much of it as you can is a big deal, and us showing you how to run an effective and efficient business is really why you need Royal Spa.

Floating is so popular right now simply because it positively affects people’s health. There are biochemical benefits to floating, there are physical attributes that can be improved through floating, and there are mental issues that can be overcome through using flotation tanks, and some of the results are amazing.

I was standing in a float center in 1984, which is quite a few years ago, and I got familiar with the business back then. But by now, you look at the technology and the prospects of being a successful business in the float industry, I wanted to know how to do that. But I wanted to make the product exactly what a person would need in order to overcome all of the problems that existing materials and products have right now. With the business experience that I’ve developed over the years, it really is a pleasure to help people get into business on their own. There’re so many stresses, and concerns, and issues that befall you that you don’t know the answers to.

You can get into the floatation business without worrying about the quality of the product that you buy, without worrying about the type of salt that you get, without worrying about your overhead because we already know how much overhead you can stand and give you good people to talk to that can walk you through all of the concerns and issues that you have anxiety from with regard to your decision to get into the float business. We talk to you about the size facility you have, the way the rooms are laid out, the way that the bathrooms are squared away, the way that you are going to conduct business, and we are able to build our product to accommodate those locations.

Our capacity to custom build products is an astronomical benefit to us. Each pod is handmade in our Indianapolis facility. Each one of them has some personality that jives with exactly the way that people want to do their business. We hand-build the equipment systems. We have special pumps that are used for special installations. We have special heaters that are specifically designed for what we’re trying to do. We have pumping systems and two big systems that are designed for the flow rates and the velocities that are required by state by state regulation. So these are the kind of things that you need for us to worry about so that you don’t have to.

Using the experience that we have of building hot tubs and building swim spas, this allows us to take components that can go into a float tank that will be the most efficient and the most dependable. And now you’ve got a product, because it was built by a hot tub manufacturer, that anyone in the pool and spa place could fix.

Our goal is to design a product that allows you to focus on what matters most, your customers. The reality is, we have the experience, the capacity, and the ability to take you from where you are, whatever the stress level you have about this huge step to feeling completely comfortable, knowing you are working with Royal Spa, a nationwide trusted float tank manufacturer, which isn’t just me, it’s our whole team. We want you to become a part of our community. Let us invest in your goals as you invest in a world-class innovative product.

Float therapy is here to stay, so let us be your float tank manufacturer.

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