The Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) is battling more than fires.

Firefighters have higher rates of certain types of cancer because of their exposure to toxins. The IFD is trying many options to help their people fight cancer. Installing saunas in firehouses is one of the ways they’re doing it.

Royal Spa is proud to be partnering with the IFD on this project. See the press release below for more details or read the WTHR article here.


Saunas may help remove cancer-causing toxins from firefighters’ systems after fighting fires

INDIANAPOLIS (April 13, 2018) – Royal Spa, an Indianapolis-based manufacturer and seller of high-quality hot tubs, swim spas, float tanks, baptistries and more, is proud to announce it is providing saunas to two Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) stations at a substantially-reduced rate. The saunas may help firefighters rid their bodies of dangerous, potentially cancer-causing toxins that enter through the skin while fighting fires. The use of the sauna after fighting a fire may help reverse the absorption of these toxins, which otherwise stay within the body.

“Fighting fires is an incredibly dangerous job, not just because of the immediate threat of the fire, but also the long-term health effects. We are incredibly humbled to know that our products may help firefighters live healthier, longer lives,” said Bob Dapper, owner of Royal Spa. “As someone who has personally assisted with fire organizations in the past, I’m especially appreciative of the opportunity to help the men and women of the IFD by providing these saunas without the typical overhead and labor fees. It’s exciting to know that our products may make a potentially life-saving difference.”

So far, Indianapolis fire station 31 has had a new Royal Spa sauna installed, and there are plans to install a second sauna at station 54. Local organizations including the Black Firefighter’s AssociationElevation Church, Old Soul Entertainment and Modern Woodsmen helped raise funds to purchase the two saunas.

In late 2017, leaders from the Black Firefighter’s Association visited Royal Spa to learn more about the company’s saunas and the benefits they provided.

“We are seeing cancer become more prevalent for our more experienced firefighters and recent retirees,” said Corey Floyd, president of the Black Firefighter’s Association. “It is incredibly unfortunate because many of our retirees don’t get to enjoy their retirement. They are getting sick or dying within a few years of being on the job. We are fortunate to have the support of the IFD in seeking ways to reduce risks associated with fighting fires, such as the use of saunas.”

According to a study by The Centers for Disease Control, firefighters have higher rates of certain types of cancer than the general population, and they also have an increased risk of cancer-related death. The study showed that the chance of a lung cancer diagnosis or death increased with the amount of time firefighters spent at fires, and the chance of leukemia death increased with firefighters who had taken part in an increased number of fire runs. Other common cancers for firefighters include respiratory, urinary and digestive.

The IFD is taking a comprehensive approach to battling cancer in firefighters. In August of 2015, IFD became the first fire department in the country to adopt all 11 recommendations as suggested by the Firefighter Cancer Support Network White Paper. IFD is considered a national leader in health and safety and at the request of several firefighters, is allowing the use of the two saunas. As the science continues to determine how effective different methods of eradicating cancer may be, IFD will be a small part of that research effort. In addition to the two saunas, they are looking to purchase other products that help fight cancer, including air scrubbers and gear washers.

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Royal Spa is an Indianapolis-based manufacturer and seller of high-quality hot tubs, swim spas, float tanks, baptistries and more. Founded in 1981, the company currently has three Indianapolis-area locations including an 89,000-square foot manufacturing facility on the city’s south side. In addition to the U.S.A., Royal Spa products are also sold internationally in England, Finland, Norway, Austria, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Barbados and the Czech Republic. For more information about Royal Spa, visit

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