Royal Spa’s line of hybrid hot tubs combines state-of-the-art technology and the latest innovations with more than 30 years of industry expertise. The result is a perfect hot tub experience.

So Why Should I Buy a Royal Spa Hot Tub?

Energy Efficiency – The amount of energy a spa uses is determined by the types of pumps and heaters installed during construction. Royal Spa’s innovative design enables us to use far less electricity compared to industry standards. To be classified as a hybrid hot tub, a spa must be at least 40% more efficient than standard hot tubs. Most companies achieve this level by not running the pump and turning off the spa.

Quiet — Hot tubs often include two-speed pumps that are extremely loud. On a wooden deck, the vibrations are amplified even more. Turning off the pump is not only a questionable technique but it results in stagnant water. At Royal Spa, we switched from 230 volts AC to 12 volts DC – in other words, a smaller, quieter, single-speed pump – resulting in a quieter motor and an energy efficiency of 90%!

Economical — Standard hot tubs cost on average $767 per year just to circulate the water. A hybrid hot tub costs approximately $59 per year – a $708 difference annually. Calculate out over a 10-year lifespan of your hot tub, you’re looking at a savings of more than $7000!

Low Maintenance – Nobody wants to spend their free time cleaning a hot tub. Royal Spa hybrid hot tubs feature superior filtration and purification systems, which result in cleaner water, longer. You don’t need to continually replace the water, replace filters, or add harmful chemicals. A Royal Spa hot tub’s acrylic shell is made with Bio-Lok™, which ensures your surface remains shiny and free of bacteria.

Durable –Royal Spa hybrid hot tubs are built to last. Made in the USA, our hot tubs feature a strong, moisture resistant frame built with pressure-treated lumber, and the spa’s acrylic shell carries a 40-year standard warranty. The bottom of most hot tubs is made with plastic or plywood. The bottom of a Royal Spa hot tub is made from our innovative, pleated fiberglass that ensures air can circulate under the spa, reducing the risk of rot that affects many hot tubs, and it keeps out the critters.

Hybrid hot tubs from Royal Spa are built to exceed the expectations of our customers!

Features like lighting, jet style and placement, cabinet colors, and water type are customized to your needs. If you suffer from chronic pain and require hydrotherapy, Royal Spa offers “Doctor Designed” models to maximize therapeutic benefits.

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