Swim spas are great for exercise, relaxation, and family fun.

Enjoy the benefits of owning a pool all year long without the high cost.

Superior design ensures this continuous current pool meets the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and those wanting an alterative to a traditional swimming pool for fun and relaxation.

Royal Spa engineers have worked hard to bring you the perfectly engineered swim spa concept.

Everthing that makes our hot tubs great has been incorporated into our swim spas!

  • Low maintenance – your spa water stays clean and clear with minimal work

  • Long lasting – we make our swim spas to outlast their owners and our warranty is amazing
  • Cost less to own –  a hyper-efficient energy usage keeps electiricy use low. Our Royal Spa advanced filtration system uses less chemicals and the filters can be found at any pool supply store

Year-Round Use for the Whole Family

Kids and adults love the Royal Spa Swim Spa. Good luck trying to get people out of your spa!
Swim Spa Exercise
Perfect Swim Workout

From a gentle flow to a powerful river current, create your own workout environment and swim laps without turns. Our swim spa is built so swimmers of all sizes can enjoy great workouts.

Great Family Fun

Very few people buy a swim spa just for exercise… Our swim pa allows for a fun swimming pool experience without the usual headaches of owning a traditional pool.

Royal Spa Swim Spa for the Whole Family
Use it as a Hot Tub

Relax and unwind in hot tub mode. Easily raise the water temperature and redirect the water jets for an optimal hot tub experience. Your spa can accommodate up to 14 adults.

Royal Spa motors last up to 12+ years before needing any service

Our swim spa uses a jet propulsion system. Six jets provide both bottom lift and direct force for an optimal swimming experience.

Variable swim resistance challenges any caliber of swimmer. You can customize the water output for a sprint or a casual backstroke.

Most well-known swim spas and “endless” pools use an undersized motor to power a propeller. This produces inadequate water force for swimming. An overworked motor also burns out sooner, resulting in an expensive repair.

Our modified impeller design eliminates the annoying screech common to many other swim spas.

indoor swim spa
Use Year Round with Minimal Maintenance

Maintenance with this spa is minimal. Like our hot tubs, the water is continuously circulating, allowing the filtration system to do its job purifying the water.

Year-a-round use is possible even in cold climates. An energy efficient pump and heating system along with an insulated cabinet means its easy to maintain your desired temperature without running up the electric bill.

The “lazy river” effect is probably our swim spa’s most popular feature. You can redirect the water jets to create a circular current.


This swim spa is great for either outdoor or indoor installations. And unlike typical home swimming pools, the Royal Swim Spa won’t take up your whole backyard. Frequently, the Royal Swim Spa is put in half of a 2-car garage.

Operating on a 60 amp, 240 volt service allows for conventional installations. Using a 2 wire with ground saves 50% over the 3 wire option used by most spa manufacturers. A dedicated circuit is required.

Pump, motor and electrical equipment are easily accessible.


Leading the Industry

Royal Spa®
Swim Spa Warranty*

*Extended warranty available

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Royal Spa

Live life to the fullest with Royal Spa

Live life to the fullest
with Royal Spa

Experience for yourself how you can make meaningful relaxation and recovery simple, easy, and affordable.

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Custom Designed for Therapy. Engineered for Efficiency.

Shopping for a hot tub with Royal Spa® offers you the opportunity to take advantage of manufacturer pricing, support, and the industry’s best warranty. From water care to installation, we are truly excited to work with you!