When you purchase a hot tub, you’re going to fill it with standard well or city water, which is packed full of minerals and nutrients.

At first these minerals and nutrients are so small that you can’t see them, but after 10 days or so they will start to form larger compounds, which often make the water cloudy.


It’s easy with a Royal Spa. You simply let the expertly engineered system do its thing. Within a few days the filter will remove all of the minerals and nutrients that are causing the cloudy water.

You can also use one of these products to speed up the process:

  1. Clarifier  This is a glue that will make dirt particles stick together so they will be large enough to get caught in the filter. We don’t recommend these because they can actually make the filter gum up.
  2. Stain & Scale Inhibitor – This product creates a slick surface all over the tub and within the moving parts so none of the calcium can stick. The calcium will then fall down to the bottom where it can be vacuumed out with relative ease.
  3. Metal Protect Products – These products will encapsulate the iron so it doesn’t turn things orange.

Cloudy water can also occur because of an overload of bacteria, like if you had a large party where several people were getting in and out of the tub. For this situation you’ll likely need to shock the water with chlorine.

This process will help your Royal Spa’s purification system catch up. After the initial shock, you’ll be good to go!

To identify if cloudy water is bacterial in nature, just give it the sniff test. If it smells off, then it’s likely a bacterial situation and you’ll need to shock it with chlorine. If not, you can simply let your spa do the work and allow the filter to remove the excess minerals.

If you’re experiencing cloudy water or other issues and need help identifying and fixing the problem, please feel free to contact our service department any time.

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