It’s simple — we don’t sell cheap swim spas because we don’t build cheap swim spas. If you see a new swim spa for less than $10,000, it is an inferior product and a terrible investment. Here are the reasons.

More Chemicals = More Work

Royal Spa swim spas use far fewer chemicals and need much less maintenance. Cheap swim spas are built to sell chemicals, parts, and future repairs. This is where most dealers make their money. Ironically, going cheap will cost you more in the long run.

Royal Spa’s system takes much of the chemistry and over half of the work out of owning your swim spa.

Bad Swimming Experience

A good swimming experience is the whole point of buying a swim spa for most people. Royal Spa set out to design a spa that provided an optimal swimming experience not a cheap price point. This is one of those important corners that got cut.

Anyone who has tried to swim in a “cheap” spa or “endless” pool will tell you that you’ll end up dog paddling at best with your legs hanging down. To swim normally your body needs to stay in a horizontal position. Our tub design and propulsion system creates the right kind of current to best simulate a true swimming experience. Try before you buy and compare your experience in a Royal Spa to that of a cheaper model.

Substandard Filtration System

Pumps and filtration systems are another feature where corners are often cut to get the price down. Unfortunately, this will result in a need for more frequent upkeep and expensive chemicals (see the first point). A cheap swim spa is more likely to have water problems. Recovering from “bad water” is costly and the spa is unusable.

Our model uses a 24 hour filtration with ionic-purification to provide clean and clear water with very little need for chemicals and maintenance. The energy efficient pumps are designed to continuously circulate the water while keeping your electric bill low.

Poor Construction

The last thing you want to fail early is the swim spa’s shell (the tub). Many “low cost” swim spas are not built to last. The vessel itself or tub will not last more than 10 years before it starts breaking down. The cabinet structure, which is what supports the tub, may not last 5 years. When these things go bad the rest of the spa’s components are irrelevant.

We build our products to outlast their owners. Our industry leading 40 year warranty on the structure is evidence of the confidence we have in our design.

Low Price, High Cost

When a person buys the “cheap” spa, they will probably spend more in 10 years with all the added chemical costs, maintenance costs, replacement parts and electricity than they would have on a Royal Spa to begin with. This doesn’t even take in to account the personal time and effort spent on chemical treatment and maintenance. Low price is not the same as low cost.

Look for the swim spa that uses the fewest chemicals and electricity, requires the least repair and maintenance, and allows for the optimal swimming experience.

Royal Spa swim spas will provide years of enjoyment. No one builds a better spa than Royal Spa, it is just a fact. We have chosen the better way, not the “cheap” way.

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