Some of our favorite hot tub exercises!

Like we’ve mentioned before, your Royal Spa Hot Tub is a great place to practice easy, stress-relieving exercises.

Not only do our energy-efficient hot tubs offer an oasis for relaxation and fun, but they can also be a means for you to build up your physical energy by adding hot tub exercises to your routine.

In this edition of our easy hot tub exercises, we’re focusing on energy-building workouts that will make you feel great.

Jog In Place

The first of our hot tub exercises, it may seem obvious, but most people give up too soon! Try standing upright and lifting one leg after the other, at a pace similar to a jog. Get your arms into the action, moving them back and forth as your legs keep going.

Start slow and increase your pace to a quick jog as you feel comfortable. The resistance from the water and the cardio from jogging will combine for a great workout if you keep at it.

If you are able to listen to music, try turning on one of your favorite songs that has a good jogging beat- this can keep you from getting bored of jogging in place while you’re building up your energy.


You will need a pool noodle or something else that floats in order to do this exercise. Stand upright in the hot tub and place the noodle under one of your feet (the sides of the noodle will curl up toward the water’s surface.)

Next, lift your foot up slowly, bending your leg in front of you like you would if you were going to walk up a step. Work to keep the noodle under your foot and make sure your entire leg stays submerged. Hold your leg in position for one minute, then move your leg to the side and hold for another minute.

Switch legs and repeat the process. If you would like a slightly tougher workout, try this routine with your arms up in the air. This step-up exercise will invigorate your legs and keep them strong!

Floating Crunch

Energize your core and upper body with this exercise. In the middle of the hot tub, bring your knees up almost to your chest, using back-and-fourth arm motions to keep your head above the water.

After 30 seconds, extend your legs out and continue using your arms to keep your head and toes above water for another 30 seconds. Repeat three times with breaks in-between.

Deep Breathing

It might sound silly to call breathing an exercise, but trust us on this one- working out your lungs and bringing plenty of oxygen through your body will make you feel energized.

Sit comfortably in the hot tub and practice deep breathing- taking in air slowly until your lungs feel full, then holding for 4 or 5 seconds, and slowly releasing all of the air. Do this in-between each of your other work outs to keep your energy up.

Overall, just make sure to stay hydrated and, as with any exercise routine, never do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. If you have concerns about your ability, be sure to consult with your doctor before attempting any exercise.

There are many other easy hot tub exercises, which we’ll cover in future posts.

In the meantime, please share your favorite exercises in the comments below.

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