Getting clean and clear water in your spa is not hard but it does take a little patience and a little understanding of what is actually going on in your spa water. To get the best look and feel from the water in your spa, we recommend you use the appropriate chemicals. 

These chemicals, although essential, present potential dangers if used incorrectly. To ensure your safety, we’d like to provide this guide for hot tub chemical storage and safety.

*** Read all labels and directions carefully before attempting to use any chemicals in your hot tub. *** 

Hot Tub Chemical Storage

Keep the original lids on all chemical containers and make sure the lids are closed tightly when not in use. Do not stack different types of chemicals on top of one another.

Store all of your hot tub chemicals in a clean, cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. DO NOT store the chemicals near chemicals or equipment used for lawn and garden maintenance.

DO NOT store chemicals near flammable items.

Keep liquid chemicals away from dry chemicals.

Hot Tub Chemical Use

Replace chemical test kits every year. Check for expiration date.

Never inhale dust or fumes from spa chemicals. If necessary, use protective equipment to prevent inhalation.

Never reuse old chemical containers unless specified as okay by the manufacturer.

Wash out all empty containers before disposing of them to avoid risk of fire or contamination.

Carefully clean up spills using large amounts of water to dilute and wash away the chemicals.

Always add chemicals directly to the spa or hot tub water, never add water to chemicals.

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