Are you wondering if a salt water hot tub is better for you?

Salt has detrimental impacts on hot tubs not designed specifically for use with salt. On a Royal Spa, you are cleared to use Epsom salt in your solution!

Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub

No Odor

Salt water systems eliminate the “chlorine smell” that lingers around some pools and hot tubs. The odor is caused by chemical residues in the water due to inconsistent manual chlorine dosing. Saltwater whirlpools maintain a constant chlorine level that eliminates the residue. No chemical residues, no odors!

Fewer Chemicals

Saltwater systems monitor chlorine levels in the water so that they produce only as much chlorine as is needed. This means fewer chemicals end up in the water, which helps the water last longer. In addition, the water feels much better than water purified with a conventional system.

Less Irritation

Fewer chemicals also mean saltwater spas can be less irritating to your skin and eyes. You can be sure to relax and enjoy all the numerous benefits without any annoying discomfort from chemicals.

Conserves Water

Saltwater hot tubs need to be drained and refilled less frequently than traditional systems, our saltwater hot tubs use much less water. This means spa owners can enjoy their spa while knowing they are also saving money and conserving water!

Enhanced Hydrotherapy

A salt water soak has all the benefits of a regular freshwater hot tub or spa session, with an added bonus: salt water helps extract extra fluid from the skin, which helps with swollen joints and inflammation. This means it is great for people who suffer from arthritis.

Plus, more information about the health benefits off Epsom Salt.

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