10 of the Best Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub

1. Read a Good Book

Why sit on the couch and read when you can be in the hot tub? If you want to feel completely re-energized, relax in your spa while you enjoy a traditional book or an ebook.
Reading can take you into another world and really help get your mind off work and problems. It’s best to find a novel if you truly desire to be transported somewhere else momentarily. Of course, you can read whatever you feel like but stories have a way of taking us out of our own mental chatter. Reading in a hot tub will make you get the best out of both worlds. Just make sure to have somewhere dry to place your book or electronic device when you feel like stopping for a bit.

2. Relax with Music and Aromatherapy

The warm and soothing water jets of your hot tub are about as relaxing as it gets. You can improve the experience though. Try lighting aromatherapy candles and adding essential oils to the mix to enhance the experience. The best essential oils that will help you unwind are bergamot, lavender, chamomile, and rose.

Another element that will be of great help in decompressing is listening to music. The secret is to match the playlist to your mood. Ask yourself what you really feel like listening to and then pop in the playlist that suits you at that moment. Whether you want calm instrumental music, pop, rap, indie, or classical, it’s all about finding the right songs to really make you happy.

3. Watch a Movie

There’s simply no better way to destress after a long day than watching a movie or TV show while kicking back in your hot tub and letting the warm water work its magic.

Just like with choosing the right music playlist to fit your mood, it’s essential to find the right movie that will peak your interest but not stress you out. Make sure that the movie has a high rating and really great reviews. No one wants to watch a movie that drags the mood down: especially when you’re trying to relax.

4. Water Dance and Exercise

A hot tub is for more than just relaxing. You can also exercise in your hot tub. Working out in water is a low impact way to build strength and improve flexibility.

Working out is great, but sore muscles are not! After your next workout, why not sooth your achy muscles and joints in your Royal Spa?

Many people suffer daily from arthritis pains. Soaking in a hot tub has been proven to reduce pain, so hop on in!

5. Host a Hot Tub Party

Hosting a hot tub party is a great way to spend time with friends and neighbors. What does it take to make it a party? Not much. Just invite a few folks, play some music, serve some appetizers and drinks, and you’re all set. Your party will be the talk of the neighborhood!

6. Play Games

Believe it or not, there are several fun games to play in a hot tub. You can play tag, shark, or even card games. Playing games together is a great way to bond with family and friends.

7. Take a Phone Call

You may not want to make that phone call into the office at 8pm, but wouldn’t it be much more enjoyable if you did it while in your Royal Spa. All of a sudden that little annoyance turns out to be a relaxing experience.

8. Meditate

Sometimes it’s nice to turn off the TV, mute your cell phone, and embrace silence. Just lay back and let your mind be free! There’s no better way to kickstart your day than meditating in your Royal Spa. The warm water and soothing jets will help you relax and prepare for the day.

9. Watch Wildlife and Admire the Stars

If your hot tub is located outside in the yard, you have the perfect opportunity to watch wildlife. Soak in the sounds of nature and watch the greenery around you.
Nothing says relaxation like stargazing with friends and family. The next time you’re in the mood for searching the night skies, do it from your hot tub.

10. Have a romantic date night

Instead of going out for dinner and a movie, why not stay in and have a romantic night at home. Your Royal Spa is the perfect place to spend the evening with your partner. Open some champagne, say a toast to love, and enjoy the evening!

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