Royal Spa Hot Tub and Swim Spa Covers

A genuine Royal Spa cover for your hot tub or spa is a smart investment.

  • Helps to maintain clean water, particularly if the spa is located outside

  • Keeps the water hot, improving energy efficiency

    • Adds an additional measure of safety when children are around

Royal Spa covers have a new and improved design.

The upgraded design exceeds anything the industry has offered. Typical covers are heavy and hard to handle. They also need to be replaced far too often. Our hot tub covers are much lighter and easier to handle. They will last up to 4x longer and are more energy-efficient.

Hot Tub Cover Pricing

Prices for our Charcoal or Walnut colored hot tub covers are as follows:

  • Small Cover: $600 (small = less than 90″)
  • Large Cover: $650  (large = 90″+)
  • Non-Royal Spa covers and custom: $700

*Custom colors are $50 extra. Quad-fold or Special-fold add $100

Contact us for pricing on models larger than 96″.

Swim Spa Cover Pricing

Prices for our Charcoal or Walnut-colored covers are as follows:

  • 2 Piece 5-2 Taper: $1,325
  • 3 Piece 5-2 Taper: $1,600
  • 2 Piece 3″ Flat: $1,300
  • 3 Piece 3″ Flat: $1,400

*Custom colors are $100 extra.

Royal Spa Cover Features

  • Marine-grade vinyl and polyester thread. Tough and resilient. Mildew resistant.
  • Rugged reinforced stitching adds durability.
  • Commercial quality, heavy-duty nylon zipper chain, and aluminum pulls.
  • Locking buckles keep the cover on until you turn the key.
  • Heat-saving polyurethane seals at folds prevent heat loss.
  • Triple Strength Straps. Triple folded reinforced vinyl double-sewn seams.
  • Insulating polystyrene core has top-rated insulation properties. The foam core’s tapered design keeps rainwater off the spa cover.
  • A durable reinforced aluminum hinge adds strength and durability.
  • Easy maintenance. A little soap and water cleans it.
  • 2 Year Warranty guarantees product performance for two years from the date of purchase on both materials and workmanship, and 1 year for the inner foam core.

Royal Spa Cover Sizes and Colors

We stock covers for all our current Royal Spa models as well as some discontinued models.

Custom covers are available for any model or brand. Please allow for a 9-14 day turnaround. For custom covers, we will need specific information about your spa model. Please call.

Our stock color choices are walnut and charcoal. Other custom colors are available at an additional cost.

Royal Spa Cover Lifter

A cover lifter is a must for anyone with back problems or if you simply want it to be easier to handle. We use our own design and built the cabinet to be able to handle the additional stress of the mechanism. The lifter can be added to any Royal Spa hot tub for $150. Lifter sleeves are available for $25.

COVANA Automated Hot Tub Covers

Royal Spa is now an authorized dealer for Covana. Transform your spa with this state-of-the-art gazebo. More info here.

Cover Safety Reminders

  • NEVER allow a child to stand or play on the spa cover. The covers are not designed to safely hold the weight of a child and could present an extreme danger if they broke thru the cover.
  • NEVER use the spa with the cover partially open or in a position that it could fall on someone in the spa. The spa cover should always be kept closed and locked when not in use. When the spa is in use the cover should be removed completely.