Let’s answer the question: Are hot tubs a lot of work?

How much time, effort, and money does it take to maintain a hot tub? Are hot tubs a lot of work? People tell us that hot tubs are a lot of work and that is actually true.

When you look at a competitor’s hot tub or one that was made years ago, they were designed to require 12 hours of maintenance, $230 worth of chemicals, and filters that cost as much as $175 per year. That was completely ridiculous so Royal Spa has changed all of that.


So, to answer your question, are hot tubs a lot of work? We say, with Royal Spa, they don’t have to be. A Royal Spa hot tub takes just 20 minutes of maintenance a year, $40 worth of chemicals, and $16.50 in filters. As far as the time is concerned, you don’t have to do anything to water that is perfectly clear! Hot tubs that compete with Royal Spas are off for more than half the day.

Stagnant water looks and smells yucky so you have to work on fixing those problems. A Royal Spa circulates all the time—guaranteeing that the water will be perfectly clear and smell great.

This means you don’t need to spend your time and money addressing water clarity or smell. Your Royal Spa practically takes care of itself!

Do you have questions about owning or operating a hot tub? We’re always here to help! Feel free to contact us any time.

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