Do you know what is the best temperature for a hot tub in the winter?

You may be wondering “what is the best temperature for a hot tub in the winter?” That’s a great question, and it doesn’t have to be very complicated.

When you ask what temperature you should leave your hot tub at, it’s likely you’re looking for a few different answers.

There’s the question of cost. If you keep your spa hot all the time, is the electric bill going to be out of this world? Will the heater go out prematurely? Will I need to add chemicals more often? Will I need to change the filter more? What if I don’t plan on using the hot tub

AH, so many questions! Well, let’s start by unpacking the big ones.

best temperature for a hot tub in the winter

If you are wondering what is the best temperature for a hot tub in the winter so they won’t freeze when they are not in use, you’re probably also wondering if you may be able to save some money on energy costs or if adjusting the settings can extend the life of your spa.

It’s pretty simple really. It is best to keep your hot tub at the same temperature all the time, that is, if you’re going to use it regularly. By regularly we’re talking at least several times per month.

Unlike some other brands, Royal Spa hot tubs are extremely energy efficient and retain heat very well. This means they don’t cost much to run in the first place, and you can feel comfortable setting your spa at your normal soaking temperature and leaving it.

Most people prefer temperatures between 102-104°F. If you’re a 102°F (39°C) kind of person, set it to 102°F. If you like 104°F (40°C), set it to 104°F. And if your name is Goldilocks, well you might prefer 103°F (39.5°C).


Can I Turn Down the Temperature If I Won’t Be Using My Hot Tub for Weeks at a Time?

If you’re not going to use your hot tub for a couple of weeks and you think you’re going to save money by turning it down, you can turn it down. Keep in mind, turning down the temperature is not likely to change your electric bill by much.

The concern with setting the temperature too low is that in the case of power failure it significantly reduces the time you have to solve the problem.

So what is the best temperature for a hot tub in the winter? At 102-104°F degrees a Royal Spa hot tub has at least seven days before freezing risk sets in, assuming the cover is properly installed and secure. We generally don’t recommend setting the temperature below 90°F (32°C).

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