Summertime is on its way and we’re looking forward to long days, cold drinks, and good times. There’s nothing like getting off work at the end of the day and still having sunlight and warmth to enjoy!

This summer, we encourage you to soak up the season without spending big bucks on hotels and transportation—here are 5 things you can use to turn your backyard into your own personal paradise.


Talk about relaxing! After you’re done lathering the kids in sunscreen, grilling burgers for the family, and making yourself the perfect icy drink, you’re probably going to need to take a break. Imagine yourself blissfully rocking back and forth on your very own backyard hammock. There’s no better place to take an afternoon snooze. Make sure you get something made out of smooth, comfortable material that will stay cool and not dig into your skin—no one likes those crisscrossed ropes that produce what some call the “Human Waffle Effect.”

2. Gazebo

You might see this and automatically think “way too expensive,” but there are actually some quite affordable and useful outdoor gazebos that will get the job done and look nice (just do a quick online search)! The benefits of having a gazebo are many—they provide shade in the afternoon hours when the sun is most harmful, they can come with nets to keep away mosquitos and other bugs, and they make for a really nice-looking area to gather family and friends!

3. Hot Tub

Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall, this backyard accessory is sure to please. A Royal Spa Hot Tub is the perfect way to kick back and relax after (or before) a long day. In the summertime, when the night cools down and your body is exhausted, step into your personal spa and soak your worries away. While you may think this is another back yard accessory too expensive to purchase, a Royal Spa Hot Tub or Spa actually costs less to run, maintain, and repair than a competing hot tub.

4. Speakers

Forget the struggles of trying to hear music through your phone’s tiny speaker and take it up a notch. Be your own backyard DJ, creating the perfect atmosphere for your cookout or night with the family. Just make sure you get speakers that are wireless and weather-withstanding!

5. Games

Your backyard paradise wouldn’t be complete without some good old-fashioned play time. Leave room in the yard to set up a game of bags (corn hole), ladderball, badminton, horseshoes, or whatever family fun you can think up! Your kids will be endlessly entertained, and you will be too!

Let us know your favorite backyard accessories and how you’ve incorporated them all into a personal retreat. We’ll be putting together more of the best hot tubs on the planet to add to backyards everywhere!

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