How long should a hot tub last? That’s a very good question and we hear it fairly often. The answer to this question requires another question:

Is The Hot Tub A Royal Spa?

If not, you can expect an industry-level hot tub to last between 6-8 years because that’s what they were designed to do. These types of inferior products are built using foam insulation, which makes a welcoming home for a variety of insects like spiders and ants. These infestations tend to be the demise of these types of spas. The spa itself is simply not designed to last long term, either. The mechanical parts as well as the tubs are poorly made and have a short life compared to a higher quality product.

Royal Spa hot tubs are designed to last longer than their owners. We offer a 40-year warranty for all of our hot tubs. We do this because they are designed to last and we know they will! We use the highest quality materials and expert design to make the best product on the market. 40 years is long enough to fulfill the needs of just about anyone who purchases a hot tub.

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