You already know that stepping into a warm and bubbling hot tub feels good. The way the jets and heat evaporate stress and heighten relaxation…it’s like nothing else.

There’s also extensive research linking hot water therapy to relief from joint pain, improved sleep, and muscle relaxation.

Recent studies now show that regular time spent exercising and relaxing in hot water can do much more than this!

In a recent publication from Dr. Bruce Becker, the Hot Water & Healthy Living Gen. 2.0, we see there are many medical benefits of a hot tub when used on a regular basis.

See below for a synopsis of each of the main points detailed in his book.


1. Improves circulation

It is proven that soaking in a hot tub increases blood flow, which in turn allows more nutrients to be available to help in cell regeneration.

2. Exerts Pressure

When you are submerged in water, there is pressure applied all over your body. This pressure helps to reduce swelling.

3. Bouyancy Benefits

Gravity can get you down…literally. The buoyancy benefits you experience in hot water submersion helps to make exercise routines easier than if you were to do them outside of water.

4. Joint Pain Relief

Regular submersion in hot water is known to reduce joint pain and improve joint mobility.

Healing happens faster as blood flow to the injured area increases.”

Hot Water Therapy for Heart Health

Increases bloodflow

Hot water therapy has been proven to help improve heart stroke volume, which means the heart will pump more blood to the body with any given stroke. Because of the exertion the water places on a body, simply getting into the water can improve this function of the heart.

Hot Water Therapy and Relaxation

Preparation for stress

The human body experiences several changes during times of stress. The heart rate increases, heart stroke volume increases, and faster breathing cycles often occur. Regular soaking in a hot tub can help prepare your body for these stressful situations.

Hot Water Therapy and Mental Health

Reduces Anxiety

There are many things in life that demand your time and energy. All of these can lead to stress and anxiety. Studies show that soaking in hot water can help you to eliminate and lessen the effects of anxiety. Muscle relaxation and joint pain relief are often associated with stress and anxiety. As these pains go away during hot water therapy, the anxiety associated with them often do too.

Hot Water Therapy and Life

Makes life more enjoyable

Regular hot water therapy is something you can look forward to each day. This 20 minute ritual is the perfect way to transition from the stress of the day to a relaxing evening. Hot water therapy is also a wonderful alternative to other coping methods, such as excessive drinking and smoking.

What’s your take on hot water therapy? Have you experienced any of the many benefits of regular soaking in your hot tub? Please share in the comments below.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of hot water therapy, please read Dr. Becker’s book here.

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