We are Royal Spa, engineers of the BEST hot tubs on the market. Here are 7 reasons to purchase a hot tub from Royal Spa.

Let’s get started and get you on your way to owning the BEST hot tub on the market!

1. Energy Efficient

Our hybrid hot tubs are extremely energy efficient. Pumps and heaters are the primary sources of energy consumption in a spa. Innovative design allows us to use less electricity, resulting in a 90% increase in energy efficiency.

Many of our competitors claim their spa is efficient. Their efficiency is achieved by NOT running the pump. In other words, they turn off the spa. The problem with that is obvious: stagnant water.

2. Fully Customizable

One size does not fit all. For the best possible experience, your hot tub should be customized to fit your needs.

Our Hybrid hot tubs are fully customizable. Choose the features you want to create the perfect experience for you. Jet style and placement, water features, lighting, cabinet colors, and many more options. We build the hot tub with what you want.

Jets are an important factor in your spa experience. There are many different styles of jets to pick from. Since you may not know what you’ll like best we can build your spa with the most popular jets. Then, for up to 3 months from the time of purchase, you can swap your jets (for no additional cost) to get your hot tub just the way you like it. Try getting that at the other place.

Fully customizable hot tubs from Royal Spa

3. Cleaner Water

Typical hot tubs suck. Literally. Suction-side filtration systems are common in the industry. These systems are designed to suck water through the filter. This is the cheap way to make a hot tub, not the best way. We PUSH the water through the filter.

We use a unique in-wall skimmer basket that intercepts large debris such as hair, lint, and insects, preventing the filter cartridge from becoming clogged. Royal Spa owners may go nearly 6 months without needing to clean a filter.

Stagnant water requires more maintenance and more chemicals (i.e. higher costs and more time). Our spas continuously circulate the water. Additionally, the system is infusing ozone into the water, helping it to purify the way nature does.

Superior filtration, ozone purification, and continuous circulation mean your water is cleaner and healthier.

4. Very Quiet

Most hot tubs are designed to use a large, LOUD, two-speed pump. Our Hybrid spas use a small, quiet, single-speed pump. Stand next to one of our hot tubs and you won’t hear anything but the moving water.

Many people put their hot tubs on a wooden deck. Two-speed pumps running at low speed vibrate at the natural frequency of the wood. The deck will amplify this sound. Kind of makes it hard to relax. Our pump is specifically designed not to do this.

5. Easy to Maintain

Who wants to spend hours cleaning and maintaining their spa?

Our spas require very little maintenance. The superior filtration and purification system means water stays cleaner longer. No need to constantly add chemicals are replace the water in the tub. Less time spent cleaning or replacing filters. See why cleaner water is better?

The acrylic shell on your Royal Spa hot tub is made with Bio-Lok™. This provides a healthy, bacteria-free surface that will shine and last for a lifetime. It will only need an occasional wipe-down.

6. Built to Last

Made in the USA and built to last. We build our spas to outlast their owners. After more than 40 years of building hot tubs, we know how to do it right.

The shell structure comes with a standard 40-year warranty. 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor. Nothing is ever pro-rated. The frame is extremely strong and moisture-resistant. It is built with pressure-treated lumber that has been additionally coated with a moisture-resistant barrier.

We build it better by starting from the bottom. The fiberglass bottom is ultra-strong compared to the usual piece of plastic or plywood that’s attached to the bottom of most spas. This innovative pleated bottom raises the frame off the ground and allows air movement under the spa. This helps avoid the rotting usually seen with flat bottom designs. The same 40-year shell warranty applies to the bottom as well.

Our acrylic shell is virtually indestructible. An initial coat of vinyl-ester resin base fiberglass followed by several layers of fiberglass woven roving and hand-rolled fiberglass results in unrivaled strength and durability for the acrylic shell. Many manufacturers add fillers as a way to cut costs, look solid but aren’t as strong.

The addition of a top rail adds rigidity to the structure, acting as a bumper to protect the shell and making it simpler to move.

7. Cost Less to Own

Because our spas last so long we can confidently say they will cost you less to own than our competitor’s. Less money is spent on electricity. Less spent on chemicals and filters. Less spent on repairs.

  • » Cheaper To Run – All mechanical, filtration, and heating functions have been engineered to consume the lowest amount of electricity found in our industry. Our competitor’s system may draw as much as $767 worth of electricity over the course of a year, ours may cost $59. How’s that for a smaller carbon footprint, not to mention a lower electric bill?
  • » Cheaper To Maintain – Maintenance costs are about chemicals and filters. Our filtration and purification systems are designed to keep the water clean. Depending on your situation, very few chemicals will be needed. And, because of our efficient pressurized filtration system, we can use an inexpensive, smaller filter. Royal Spa customers may replace their $33 filter every two years. Compare that to the other guys.
  • » Cheaper To Repair – Computer control systems are cheap to make, but costly to repair. We don’t use them on our Hybrid spa models.
    • Putting a computer in a hot tub is unnecessary. The failure rate is high and it only guarantees expensive repairs down the road; a benefit for the company selling the computer, not you.
    • Simple controls and a common sense design (i.e. don’t use parts that are hard to find or hard to get to) means our spas are easy to repair. Easy = cheaper.

Our competitors make money by selling filters and chemicals, and repair services. They do not build a spa that is cheap and easy to own. They build a spa that is cheap and easy to make.

You’ll not find another spa that uses less electricity while keeping the water clean and maintaining the desired temperature.

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