Swim spas are great for both exercise and relaxation purposes. They provide a fun swimming pool experience without the headache of owning a traditional pool. Plus, they are compact enough that they don’t take up your entire backyard.

If you’re considering purchasing a swim spa, you should know that the Royal Spa swim spa can’t be beat! Here’s why:

The Royal Spa Swim Spa is the perfect size

The Royal Spa swim spa is 15’ long and 50.5” deep and can accommodate swimmers of all sizes.

11 Reasons You Need a Royal Spa Swim Spa

Create your own workout environment

The undercurrent in a Royal Spa swim spa allows you to swim horizontally while an overcurrent allows you to change the tension and the pressure to accommodate your own swimming style. You can also customize the water output and resistance to your liking.

The motor will last over a decade

Most swim spas use an undersized motor to power a propeller which provides inadequate water for swimming. This causes the motor to burn out, resulting in an expensive repair. That’s not the case with a Royal Spa swim spa motor! Our motors last up to a dozen years before requiring any service.

11 Reasons You Need a Royal Spa Swim Spa

Less Cost to Own than other “endless pools”

The energy efficient system in a Royal Spa swim spa keeps electricity use low. The advanced filtration system keeps water clean—meaning less money spent on chemicals and expensive filters. Our electronic purification system takes care of all the needs of keeping the water perfectly clear.

It can be used year-round, comfortably

Enjoy the benefits of owning a pool all year round, even if you live in a cold climate. The insulated cabinet, energy efficient pump and heating system allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature without running up your electric bill.

11 Reasons You Need a Royal Spa Swim Spa

Provides fun for the whole family

Swim spas are fun! Kids especially love the “lazy river” feature which redirects the water jets to create a circular current. The whole family will enjoy owning a Royal Spa swim spa!

11 Reasons You Need a Royal Spa Swim Spa

Maintenance is minimal

Just like our hot tubs, our swim spas require minimal maintenance. The water circulates continuously in the swim spa, allowing the filtration system to purify the water. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on chemicals and filters. The swim spa’s pump, motor, and electrical equipment are easily accessible if a repair should need to be made.

Indoor or outdoor installation

Royal Spa swim spas can be installed indoors or outdoors—it’s your choice! Many people choose to install their swim spa in their garage. Since our swim spa operates on a 60 amp, 240 volt service, installation is conventional.

11 Reasons You Need a Royal Spa Swim Spa

It’s quiet

Many swim spas make an annoying screeching sound when in use. At Royal Spa, we’ve modified our impeller design to eliminate that sound. You’ll notice that underwater noise is drastically reduced in our swim spas.

It comes with an amazing warranty

At Royal Spa, we build our products to outlast their owners. We believe that our swim spas are the best on the planet and we back that up with an industry-leading warranty. The warranty covers the structure for 40 years, the electrical components for 5 years, and labor for 5 years.

The Royal Spa swim spa is an absolute luxury product. When it comes to swim spas, the Royal Spa swim spa can’t be beat!

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