Everything You Might Want To Know About Royal Spa Products

People will often ask “what makes Royal Spa better than any competitor? We are engineers. We design and build spas. We are not dealers that are encouraged to profit from customers by needless service calls and unnecessary chemicals. Our spas are engineered specifically to last longer and save you more time and money through the years you are enjoying your royal spa.

Read below at your own risk.

  • The only reason a manufacturer would put a computer on a spa is to benefit him later for the service call.
  • Pumps are designed to push water. Not suck. Why do our competitors suck the water through their filters? To sell you more chemicals, filters and make more service calls.
  • If a filter pump shuts off for half the day (or more), what happened to the water the other half of the day? That water will require more chemicals more of your time for it to be safe. The guy you buy the spa from knows that.
  • If a spa has a gate, or a box where the water flows in to meet the filter(s) that is suction filtration.
    • that spa will never be capable of keeping the water in its cleanest condition
    • that spa can never enjoy the low, low level of consumption on chemicals that royal spa enjoys
    • That spa will have a large 2-speed pump inside the cabinet.
    • that spa will never be able to reach the level of electrical efficiency that royal spa reaches
    • that spa will have computerized technology and electronic timers for the filtration system
    • That spa will cost thousands more to operate over time.

Cover Usage

All royal spas come with a lifter bar, which makes it much easier to open and close the cover. It is unbelievable that a person would buy a hot tub to make their back feel better, and then wrestle with the cover trying to put it back on the spa, hurting their back even more. The biggest complaint that people have about their hot tub is that it is too hard to put their cover back on. Our lifter bar allows someone to open and close the cover with one hand.


There are competitors that tell you it takes 15 minutes (or more) a week to maintain your hot tub. That is unbelievable! If you figured 15 minutes of maintenance a week for 52 weeks, that’s 12 hours a year! If you spent 12 hours of maintenance a year on your car, you’d get rid of your car. How is it possible that you would agree to put in 12 hours of maintenance on your hot tub when it’s much less important than your car? You would never tolerate that from your car.

Maintenance Expenses:

When you look at the cost of operating a hot tub, competitors are trying to get you for $15.00 a month in chemicals. Fifteen dollars a month times 12 months is $180.00 per year! Some royal spa owners spend as little as $30 per year. When you look at the cost of the filters, royal spa filters are available at nationally known home improvement stores and every pool and spa supply outlet/store, where the competitor’s filters are only available from them. Our filters will cost $33.00 every 3 to 5 years. Our competitors’ filters will be at least $150 every year to maintain, and replace.

Electronic Control System

Other brand control systems can be as much as $1100 to replace. On average these electronic control systems die every five years. If you divided 5 years into a $1000, you would spend $200 a year to maintain those control system. So if you add $200 to maintain their control system, $150 for the filters, and $250 for chemicals, you are spending $600 a year to maintain your hot tub! When you look at a royal spa, you will only be paying thirty-five dollars a year for the same type of services, chemicals and filters. If you look at $35 from 600 that’s $565 a year difference which is 5500 or 6000 over a 10-year period on time.

Operational Costs

When you look a royal spas costing only $4.75 a month to circulate the spa, and theirs costing as much as $35.00 per month on rural electric rates, it will cost you $5206.00 more to circulate the water in their hot tub. Now they will tell you that they turn the spa off for half the day in order to keep from spending that much money to circulate the water. By turning the tub off, the water stagnates, which makes the water get yucky. Stagnating water requires more chemicals to maintain it. When you fall behind in the chemical maintenance you will not use the spa. When you try to catch up with your chemical maintenance by over dosing the tub with chemicals, you won’t use it then either. Improper chemical dosage irritates your skin. Tubs that turn off during the course of a day and don’t continuously circulate are engineered wrong.


There is no water that you drink on earth that is filtered by sucking it through the filter. Not one drop. So using a spa that sucks the water through the filter is wrong. There is absolutely no other conclusion to draw. When you suck through a filter, as the filter gets dirty it blocks the water from the pump and both pump and filter performance drop below acceptable levels unlike the royal spa “pressurized” filtration system.
The pump cannot push water it can’t get. The performance of the hot tub drops off to nothing until you clean your filter. When you clean your filter every week and you do your chemicals three times per week, they own you. That’s how they make their money. Our competitors make money by selling filters and chemicals, and services. They do not build a spa that is cheap and easy to own. They build a spa that is cheap and easy to make. The difference in operating cost between theirs and ours is that you could have bought two of our hot tubs for what it cost to own one of theirs over 15 years.


When you put a two-speed pump on a hot tub, it is about $125 less expensive then adding a separate circulating pump. At low speed, the vibrational frequency that a 2-speed pump operates on is the same frequency that wood resonates at. It you have ever heard of a sounding board, that’s what your deck becomes when it has a hot tub setting on it. Royal spas do not vibrate at 1728 cycles per minute. If they did, every neighbor around would not only be able to hear your hot tub hum, they will hear everything you say when you are in the hot tub while your speaking above the vibrational noise. You are buying comfort, relaxation and privacy. If you buy a hot tub with a 2-speed pump on it, you will spend 6 times more on your utilities. With a two-speed pump, you will not have any privacy because your neighbors will know what you’re talking about at night.

Computer Control Systems

There is no one that can fix the circuit board in a computer on hot tubs at your home! The circuit boards are between $600 and $1100 to replace. When you look at the cost of replacing them it is absurd! The royal spa control system has two nine-dollar contactors, and three six-dollar switches that do exactly what their $1100 motherboard does. There is nothing on a hot tub that requires a microprocessor. You would never by a computer without buying a nine-dollar surge suppressor. That little device that sits behind your computer with all the plugs plugged into it is a surge suppressor that keeps lighting strikes and voltage surges from blowing up your computer investment. You are about to let the bad guy put a computer on to a hot tub. A surge protector cannot protect the hot tub’s computer as a hot tub draws more power than a surge protector can handle. You are violating the most obvious common sense rule about owning a computer by not putting it on a surge suppressor for the computer on your hot tub. With regards to the warranty on the spa computer, most people will think that its OK as it has a five-year warranty. All spa manufacturers view a lighting strike that blows up the hot tub computer as an act of god, not a manufactures defect. It could happen only six weeks after you’ve bought your $10,000 hot tub, and it will not be covered by the warranty. They will tell you god did it, not a defect of manufacturing. That would probably make you angry. The thing that makes us most angry about that theory is that a 19 yr. old boy will be sent out to fix your hot tub. He will take your motherboard out of the box and put another board into it. All of the wires would have been unplugged to do this. And, all the wires look the same. When he plugs the wrong plug back into the wrong hole and he turns that spa back on, you will blow that board again. Knowing what you know about 19-year-old boys, will he admit that he did it?? No he won’t! So he will go back to the office and sit down at the desk reading a magazine and you’ll call in and say hey!! My hot tub still doesn’t work. And the boy will say there must have been another voltage surge or lighting strike, so we will have to get another board. So now you’re $2200 away from having a working spa. What is the chance of you being happy??? Zero! Computers on hot tubs are wrong!


In general all hot tubs are thermally efficient. The best thing you can do when insulating a hot tub is use a good cover. Royal spa uses the best cover in the industry. You should never let anyone use the foam insulation that fills the cabinet. If you do so, additional jets can never be added to the spa to fulfill future therapy needs. We find this truly unacceptable. The reason that we use removable insulation in our hot tubs is that the advantage of having the opportunity to install additional jets in the future, when your therapeutic needs have changed. It’s easy, the side panel comes off, the insulation blanket is removed, and the jet is installed. All of which is done by using piping that is already underneath the spa. We are in and out in less than a half hour. In the event that you have a therapeutic change with any of our competitors’ spas, you have to by a brand new spa because it is not practical to dig through the foam and find the plumbing. We build a hot tub for you that will outlast you, and still accommodate your needs, even as those needs change in the future. The average price to fix a jet that is foamed is $1600.

Our Competitors

Our competition is buying a box built in California and putting it on a truck and dragging it across the United States of America. They used to profit approximately $3000 on each hot tub, now with fuel rates its $2000 for shipping cost. They only have a $1000 profit left. You go in and haggle him out of $800 dollars of his profit. Do you think he’s going sell you a product that that cost him $7000 and only make $200 on it? No way! That business is set up to sell you chemicals and filters and services, to the tune of $500 to $600 a year, that’s where the money is in it for him.

At Royal Spa we sell hot tubs. We will save you thousands and thousands of dollars to own and operate your spa. Our goal is to make it such a good experience owning your Royal Spa that you tell your friends about us.

Let us build one for you.