Outdoor spa owners are starting to think about how to prepare their hot tub for winter. This can be quite a chore.

If you do a Google search for “winterizing your hot tub,” you’ll find an enormous amount of articles on how to drain, clean, and winterize your hot tub.

These articles are full of advice that you may need to follow…unless you own a Royal Spa..

We can’t speak for other manufacturers of hot tubs, but if you own a Royal Spa, the winterization process is quite simple.

All you have to do is carry on as usual. No draining and no deep cleaning.


We rarely discuss winterizing, and here’s why:

It costs you approximately $4.75 a month to circulate your Royal Spa hot tub, and it takes at least three hours to properly winterize a hot tub.

There is no way it is economically practical to winterize a hot tub. You’re much better off to leave the hot tub running.

There’s no mechanical reason to turn off the hot tub. Your Royal Spa is built and designed to run 24/7, so don’t worry about wear and tear. Keeping it running also helps keep the water purified.

When you’re not going to be using your spa regularly, we do recommend you check your hot tub at least once a week to make sure the cover is still fastened and that no other issues have arisen.


You are going to leave town for an extended period of time (3 months) or simply won’t be around to use or check your hot tub, then here’s what to do.

There are three places that need to be protected:

  • the pump housing,
  • the filter housing, and
  • the manifold that distributes the water to it.

You have to drain the hot tub, and then it has to be completely vacuumed with a wet/dry vac.

Once all the moisture is out, take one of the jets out, put a funnel with a hose on it where the jet was, and add a half gallon of antifreeze.

If you’re not feeling so ambitious or confident in your DIY skills, then give us a call. One of our service techs will take care of it for you.

Have you ever winterized a hot tub? What was your experience like?

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