As with anything, your hot tub requires a small amount of upkeep and maintenance so it will last longer and perform better.

Keeping the proper chemical balance in the form of lowering pH level in your hot tub is part of the ongoing work you’ll have to do for your Royal Spa.

Adjusting the PH Level of your Hot Tub

There’s no exact formula for lowering the pH level in your hot tub.
In fact, every spa is slightly different and requires different maintenance levels and chemical amounts.

Many factors can affect the maintenance, chemical amount, and frequency of chemical balancing of a spa.

Factors that greatly affect spa maintenance and chemicals include spa size, source and quality of water, environment around spa, what is tracked into spa water, cleanliness of bathers, number of bathers, frequency of use, temperature of water, drain and refill intervals, and overall quality of maintenance. In many areas of the country, the pH & total alkalinity is very HIGH.

lowering ph level in your hot tub

To Lower the  PH and Alkalinity Levels in Your Spa, follow these steps:

1. Adding PH Alkalinity Down

Add one (1) ounce of pH/Alkalinity Down per 100 gallons of spa water (500 gal. = 5 oz.) and run the jets to mix and dissolve for several minutes.

2. Following Up

(Approx. 15 minutes later) Re-check the spa water and if either the pH or Alkalinity is still High, add 1/2 ounce of pH/Alkalinity Down per 100 gallons of spa water (500 gal. = 2 to 2.5 oz.) and run the jets to mix and dissolve for several minutes.

3. Continue the Process

Repeat step (2) until both the pH and Alkalinity are within the ideal ranges of your testing kit.

4. Two Days Later

Re-check the spa two days later and adjust again if needed.

5. It’s Important to Know

Do not add pH Up and pH Down in the same day. This will help avoid pH Bounce.

6. Keep Track of Your Progress

Log the number of ounces used to balance your hot tub water as you balance it the first time so that in the future you can add that amount all at once at time of fill up to achieve balanced water much quicker.

For example – If it takes 10 ounces over the first day or two to balance the water, then add 10 ounces all at once the next time you refill your spa.

For more information about adjusting the pH in your hot tub, download our free Royal Spa Operation and Care Guide. You’ll also find helpful tips on everything from draining your spa to cleaning the filter.

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