Change your hot tub water only as needed

This is what we tell people when they ask “How often should I change the water in my hot tub?” There’s no need to drain or change the water on a regular schedule. Royal Spa hot tub owners may go a year or more before needing to change their water.

Hot tub owners often have misconceptions about the frequency at which they should drain and change the water in their spa. Some in the industry suggest doing this at set intervals – every 3 or 4 months, for example. We disagree.

Water in your spa does not degrade or age. It’s the stuff (technical term) in the water that causes problems. Clean water is clear water. Clarity is what we want to see. When the water isn’t clear or sparkling, it’s usually an indicator that something is wrong.

You should only have to change your water when it looks cloudy and the issue can not be cleared up easily with the usual chemical treatments. If this is happening frequently, there’s a problem with the spa or your water maintenance efforts.

Drain your hot tub only if you can’t clear up the water quality issue and need to start with new water. If you’re not going to be running the spa for an extended period of time (e.g. winter), you should drain the water. Read more about winterizing your hot tub here.

Here are 4 Factors to Guide Your Decision to Change Your Hot Tub Water

Initial Water Quality

What’s in the water to start with when you fill it up? What type of water do you have?

Soft water is better than city water which is better than well water. “Hard” water has a lot of calcium and magnesium. Soft water is treated water that has very little, if any, calcium and magnesium. Well water is typically very hard. Good for drinking, not as much for your spa.

Cloudy or discolored water is usually caused by an Alkalinity or PH issue. Check these using test strips or a test kit. Depending on your type of water, you’ll apply a chemical treatment to get it balanced.

Our Spa Operation and Care Guide has detailed instructions for water maintenance and chemical treatments.

Watch this video on Hot Tub Chemical Balance

Quality of Water Treatment Chemicals

As long as you treat the water properly it’s going to last a long time. This means using the right chemicals for the job and using high quality chemicals.

Cheap chemicals leave behind a lot of solids. These solids are inert ingredients like fillers, binders, glues, etc… Ironically, these unwanted materials can cause cloudy water, thus requiring more chemicals to fix the problem.

Higher quality chemicals don’t leave behind these solids or leave behind a lot less. Additionally, you can use smaller amounts to get the job done.

Hot Tub Usage

How often is the spa used? And by how many people?

Frequency of use impacts your water quality. Daily use means the water is going to require more chemicals to keep it clean and clear.

Number of users is also a factor. A family of four using the hot tub a few times a week is going to transfer a lot more extra material than a couple using it once or twice a week. Obviously, a weekend hot tub party may result in extra treatment as well to get back to normal.

Keep in mind the location of the spa may create additional challenges. Under or near trees? Forget to put the cover on? Mulch, dirt, or gravel around the spa? Any of these conditions could create the need for water treatment or even changing the water.

Again, it’s the stuff in the water that causes problems. More users and more frequent use means more stuff in the water.

Filtration and Purification System

Does your spa do a good job of filtering and purifying the water? If not, it will require more chemical maintenance. You may find yourself needing to change your water on a regular basis.

We want you to use as few chemicals as possible. We’re not interested in selling a bunch of chemicals. We think the spa should do the bulk of the work keeping the water clear (filtering and purifying).

Hot tubs from Royal Spa are made with the highest quality components to ensure long-term value and minimal concerns.

Our spas are energy efficient and meant to be run continuously. This means the water is being filtered and purified 24/7. Our system actually turns over the water in your spa 30 times a day or more.

You’ll go much longer without draining and changing the water in your hot tub if you…
  • Buy a spa with a good filtration/purification system
  • Start with clean and clear water.
  • Use quality chemicals as needed.
  • Clean filter on regular basis.
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